Covid-19 - Safety

While our service may be affected during this time, as we comply with the Disaster Management Act, you can be assured of the same relaxing, tranquil experience you’ve come to expect from Hakunamatata. We at Hakunamatata have committed to the safety of our guests and employees by ensuring all necessary health measures are in place.


The following protocols are mandatory according to Government regulations and will be strictly adhered to:

  • To protect our guests and staff and to prevent a potentially high-risk person from entering the hotel, guests are required to be screened on arrival, which includes:
    • allowing their temperature to be scanned with a thermal scanner
    • If a guest’s temperature falls within the normal range and they do not show any symptoms they will be required to sanitise their hands and proceed to check-in. If a guest’s temperature exceeds 37.5 degrees Celsius and/or they have symptoms of the virus, they will not be allowed to check-in
    • complete and sign a questionnaire
    • Mandatory use of masks for all visitors and staff entering the premises
  • All staff have received training on COVID19 preventative measures and hygiene protocols
  • Educational signage is displayed for both guests and staff
  • Increased sanitising and disinfecting practices (over and above our normal stringent cleaning protocols)
  • Public social distancing
  • Sanitisation of high touch points and deep cleaning
  • Mandatory use of masks for all visitors and staff entering the premises
  • Delegates temperature will be scanned with a thermal scanner on arrival
  • Delegates will be required to complete a screening questionnaire on arrival
  • Delegates will be required to exercise increased sanitising and disinfecting practices
  • Delegates are required to wear masks except when eating or drinking
  • Seating will be spread out to ensure that a 1.5 meter social distancing is maintained
  • The number of delegates in any venue must not exceed 50% of it’s normal capacity (There is a maximum limit of 50 delegates indoors and 100 delegates outdoors.) * Subject to change in accordance with government regulation

COVID-19 Public Hotline 0800 029 999